“Welcome to Aston Martin Bentley Rolls Royce of Cleveland.  My name is Bernie Moreno.  I built this dealership about three years ago, ended up leaving the car business and sold this dealership, and bought it back four or five months ago.

These are really the most amazing cars in the world.  Quite frankly I missed being with the clients, missed being with the team, and missed being around cars like this.

As I bought back into the car dealership world, we were right in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  What became incredibly clear is that although this is a beautiful showroom, probably very few of my clients are ever going to be in here.

So I partnered with EZ360 to bring our showroom into clients’ homes. By using their technology, which is unbelieveable, unbeatable, we bring high definition 4K imagery of these amazing cars to allow our clients to see the vehicle they’re going to buy in great detail before they receive it.  What that has allowed us to do is do 80-90% of our business at the client’s home.  They’ve never met us in person.  They’ve never seen the car in person.  But they know exactly the car they’re getting, thanks to the  technology and innovation from EZ360.  There is no question in my mind.  This is the kind  of technology that will advance the car business forward today.”

Bernie Moreno, Managing Partner
Cleveland Motorsports



Bring Your Showroom to Your Buyer’s Living Room with EZ360 Automated Photo Studio & Software. EZ360 features amazing 4K automotive photography that shows closeup features and flaws as if you’re standing next to the vehicle.

EZ360 delivers an integrated wall-to-wall system with custom photo booth, heavy-duty turntable, mobile and management software, and full-screen custom VDPs. High-resolution cameras automatically capture exterior spin, interior 360, and detail photos with points of interest and instantly publish them to your site. Our computer vision and machine learning software provide automated cropping and enhancement for all your pictures.

EZ360 has solutions for all new and used car and truck dealers from large auto groups to independent dealerships. Contact us for a quote or call (888) 88-EZ360 (888-883-9360).