EZTurn Fiberglass Turntable for perfect spin pictures!

The 18′ heavy-duty EZTurn handles even the largest trucks.   It’s built here in the USA with top-quality steel and materials.  Best of all, the Fiberglass top will never rust and it’s easy to clean … just like a Corvette or a boat!

Showroom to the Living Room

Everybody can use this phrase now days but, EZ360 is the only one that made it practical in the early days of the pandemic.

While most dealers were starving our clients were striving!

We Don’t Solve Every Problem. We Just Eliminate Them All!

Bad pictures, that costs you $ 5-25 per vehicle and take 1-2 days to publish are history with our automated process that takes just 7-10 minutes from start to publication in 4k format.

No One Dealer Is the Same!

We provide a range of customized photo studios, turntables, cameras and a control center provided on a turnkey basis. This includes shipping, installation and training!

Starting at just $42,000.


No Space? – No Problem!

Our steel buildings are guaranteed to last 40 years and our team takes care of all phases of the construction – from the drawings and permit to drive in and shoot now!

Automated BGR

Replacing an ugly background with a branded background instantly and for under $2* per vehicle?

Only with EZ360!

*With unlimited pictures

NADA 2022

At NADA 2022 we presented a never-rusting turntable made of stainless steel and fiberglass as well as automated picture taking, the industry’s only 4k pictures and computer vision technology that augments people.