The greatest difference between EZ360 and every other picture provider – including Carvana – is our 4K photos.

Your photographer  may shoot with 20 megapixel DSLRs.  But that’s NOT what car buyers see.   During the time it’s uploaded to your software, sent to your data feed provider, and then distributed to the dealer web site, your photos are downgraded to the 640×480 pixel pictures actually shown on your VDP.  They’ve lost 95% of the detail. Does that make sense … especially when online car shoppers are looking at the photos on 2K or higher desktop or smartphone displays?

The cars and trucks you sell feature  the latest artificial intelligence computer vision safety features.  But your dealer photos are displayed with 30 year old 1990s era resolution!  They get blocky, pixellated, or blurry if you expand them.

In comparison EZ360 4K photos are 4000×3000 pixels in size.  That’s 27 times larger or more pixels when displayed.  That’s millions of pixels more for vivid color and sharp detail.  Photos can be shown full screen without any blurriness.  You can zoom the picture multiple times to see small details, just as if you were standing only a foot or two from the vehicle.  This level of detail makes it easy to see features or blemishes as in the 4K photo below.

EZ360 4K pictures truly bring your showroom to your buyer’s living room.  When car shoppers are comparing dealer web sites are they going to buy from the dealer with fuzzy pictures or the dealer whose vehicles make them feel secure when they can actually see everything on it?