• Custom Photo Studio. As small as 23’x25′ or Light Studio.
  • Instant Web Update. No 24-28 hour VDP wait.
  • 4K Photo Quality. For both shooting and display.
  • Custom VDP. Full page display with your branding.
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Bad lighting, poor quality, distracting backgrounds, no brand, limited views. This is no way to sell a product for tens of thousands of dollars.Photo studio pic


  • Increase web visitor retention & conversion by up to 300%.
    Our beautiful photos and powerful displays result in dealers selling more and standing out from the competition.
  • Save 50% in recurring costs.
    A detailer can cost-effectively operate the system and process up to 30 cars per day.
360 photos

Photo Studio

Full-size Photo Studio and Heavy-Duty Turntable ensure high quality and consistent vehicle photos.

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Mobile App

Automatically capture exterior spin & interior 360 pics and immediately upload them to your web site.

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Media Layer

VDPs feature dealer customization, branding, and merchandising proven to capture buyers.

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Live Customer Photos

Click a picture to see vehicle pics, spins, and 360s in our standard media display.

99394 Vehicles
6601196 Pictures

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EZ360 engineered a complete automated high performance system that delivers
great photos, a customizable media layer for your VDP, and immediate web updates.

Photo Studio, Turntable, and Software


Software only


Photo Studio and Turntable

EZ360 builds a custom full-size Photo Studio on-site with heavy duty turntable and the smallest footprint,  designed to put your vehicles in the best possible light. The Studio features:

  • Photographic PVC walls
  • High density LED lights
  • Light bouncing ceiling
  • Access curtain
  • Three cameras
  • Computerized control center

Dealer Operations

EZ360 automation controls cameras so photos are automatically taken as the turntable rotates and immediately uploaded to your web site.  Drive in vehicles, shoot exterior spin and interior 360 pics, and see photos live in as little as 7 minutes.  Dealers get real-time access to manage vehicle media listings and view production and management reports.


EZ360 provides the only software that enables your team to capture pictures, interior 360 and exterior spin, and post them automatically and instantly to your web site. There is no 24-48 hour delay.  Other features include:

  • Hotspots
  • Animation and Video
  • Merchandising
  • Storyboards
  • Content copy
Ed Hyde, Owner, Legacy Automotive Group
After intensive research, we chose EZ360 as our provider for our automated Photo Studio. They installed their Photo Studio at both of our locations a year ago.

Our experience exceeded our expectations. EZ360 installed the systems in a confined area and they did it on-time and within budget. They also included a surrounding raised floor that provided us with easy operation, infinity look, and superb picture quality. EZ360 reduced cycle time from drive-in to drive-out to just 10 minutes. That even includes immediate publishing to our web sites.

EZ360 software, back-end system, and support are second to none. Thanks to the partnership between, our web site provider, and EZ360, our websites feature a custom VDP (CVDP) that presents car buyers pictures, exterior SPIN, interior 360 and points of interests in a powerful side-by-side two player format.

The CVDP allows us to capture and display pictures in 4K resolution. Online customers can zoom in until they are just 1-2 feet away from the vehicle.

Since we started using the CVDP average time-on-site grew by 180% and the total sales increased by 15% despite the pandemic. COVID-19 may have forced our buyers to stay at home. But EZ360 enabled us to bring the showroom to their living room!

Ed Hyde, Owmers, Legacy Auto Group, London, KY
Rogers Auto Group
We were skeptical of EZ360. Today, after more than a year of operation, I must admit that EZ360 exceeded my expectations – not only the quality of pictures, but our online presentation also includes an attention grabbing exterior spin, mobile ready interior 360 view, points of interests and branding material. We stand way above the competition!
Mark Rinaldi, VP of Operations, Rogers Automotive, Chicago IL
eCarOne logo
We are very pleased we selected EZ360 for their photo booth, turntable, cameras and software. The picture quality is superb and now our cycle time to photograph each vehicle is shorter. The immersive interior 360˚ virtual tours and interactive exterior spins give us a significant advantage over the competition.
Marc Rhima, President, eCarOne, Carrolton, TX
Rogers Auto Group
The real time, centralized publication and customized branding through Amazon’s cloud system and iContent is the most significant value EZ360 brings to the table. No more chasing data feeds, conflicting protocols and numerous website providers. The impact on our business is the most important – since we started using EZ360, our picture coverage increased by over 40%. Thanks to the time our potential customers spent viewing the new rich media on our website, we saw an increased view time of 80% and it more than doubled by mobile users!
Ariana Rodriguez, eCommerce and Marketing Director, Rogers Automotive, Chicago IL
Ryan Esler, Matick photo
EZ360 has changed the way we capture pictures, merchandise and publish our inventory. EZ360’s one-stop approach provides for simple and bulletproof operation. Our staff mastered the system quickly and the cost saving is substantial. Most importantly, since we implemented the EZ360 system our web site performance improved substantially. We are providing a much better experience for the end user.
Ryan Esler, Sales and Marketing Director, George Matick Chevrolet, Detroit, MI
Jim Roberts, Rich Ford photo
Thanks to the superb picture quality and enhanced media of EZ360, the time visitors spend on our website is at an all-time high.
Jim Roberts, Marketing Director, Rich Ford, Albuquerque, NM

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