Pictures are not enough.

Post-COVID dealers must deliver the SHOWROOM to the LIVING ROOM.

HD Pictures is not enough.

4K pictures are SIXTEEN times bigger, allowing your buyers to zoom in for fine details.

Photographer is not enough.

Computer Vision, machine learning, and AI are already in all cars, supplementing good drivers. It's time to put this technology to work in your photo studio too.

"Next Day" is not enough.

Time-to-market pictures and rich media should be published within 10 minutes of vehicle ready.

Cost control is not enough.

Do NOT buy any product, service, or technology unless they deliver Faster, Better, AND Cheaper results.

"EZ360's technology advances the industry"   Cleveland Motorsports

Automated Photo Studios

Up your game!

Automated photo studio WITH turntable just $39,500*

*Two walls, 13' turntable

4K iVana & CVDP

There are many ways to capture pictures, exterior spins, and interior pictures...

But only one way to do it with 4K quality and BGR*

*Background Removal

EZ Enhancer

Conquer the sun and mother nature! Fix dark interiors and exterior pics with uneven or poor lighting... all in one click.


Photoshop your pictures, instantly and hands-free. Replace the background junk with your brand with Automated BGR (Background Removal and Replacement).


Just like the iPhone this is the gadget, software, and platform that NOBODY dreamed about until they saw it


Just like the iPhone this is the gadget, software, and platform that NOBODY dreamed about until they saw it

Photo Studios

Most cars already use some degree of autonomous driving. Your photo studio should too!

ONLY EZ360 provides an automated photo studio integrated with computer vision, machine-learning and 4K photos that are published instantly to your website.

Our photo studios include a turntable to ensure photo consistency and efficiency.  Read more about EZ360 turntables that feature a fiberglass top that will never rust, as well as convenient monthly financing.

Other studio benefits

  • Custom built in place - maximize your space.
  • 300,000 lumens LED and epoxy floor - it's all about the light!
  • Automated production - from start to publication in just 10 minutes



1x Magnification

Your PhotoOur 4K Pic

3x Magnification

Your PhotoOur 4K Pic

2x Magnification

Your PhotoOur 4K Pic

4x Magnification

Your PhotoOur 4K Pic

4K: 60% Off?

No dealer will sell vehicles for 60% off the sticker price just to close a deal, right? So why are you presenting your inventory at only 40% of the car’s beauty?

There are practically no cameras in the marketplace that shoot less than 2K (2560 x 1080 = 2.7  million pixels).  Most smartphones provide 4K or larger (3840  x 2160 = 8.3 million pixels).  Yet most dealers’ websites are proud to present your pictures in “Full HD” ... which is less than 1.0 million pixels.

EZ360 4K iVana produces your pictures in 4K format (10-16 times larger) and publishes them instantly, providing living room buyers the showroom experience … in fact, even better!

EZ Enhancer is the Answer

Not every vehicle can be captured in a controlled studio bathed in perfect light from all directions. Even the best photographer and the most expensive cameras cannot control the sun to protect your cars from glare, hotspots, and shade.

We can! Just send us your data feed. Our photo enhancing system will photoshop your pictures automatically, instantly, and hands-free for FREE!

Before EnhanceAfter Enhance
Before EnhanceAfter Enhance
Before EnhanceAfter Enhance
Before EnhanceAfter Enhance
Original BackgroundCustom Background
Original BackgroundCustom Background
Original BackgroundCustom Background
Original BackgroundCustom Background


You don't put trees, telephone poles, and ugly walls in your TV ads. Why would you keep them in your photos?

EZ BGR (Background Removal and Replacement) turbocharges your dealership branding. The cloud-service strips the vehicle from your pictures and replaces them with the background of your choosing, whether it's in front of or even in your showroom or next to your owner.

EZ BGR photoshops your pictures instantly. Best of all, it provides a natural look with true shadow.

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