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How It’s Built – EZ360 Photo Studio 2022


360Booth has a decent studio. But do you really want to be pushing a booth? Technology has come a long way in the past 20 years. A heavy-duty turntable is even more reliable and provides far better and more consistent spins. All you have to push is a button … and it’s about the same price!

360Booth is not automated and is only half of a full photo solution. What about photo software? What your buyers see on your web site is just as critical.

Here is what makes EZ360 unique and why many dealers choose us over 360Booth.

  • Stand above other dealers with 4K pictures and custom VDP with full page display and 8x zoom. 
  • Turnkey custom photo studio can fit most any space with 300,000 lumen lights, heavy-duty turntable, automation center, and software.
  • Slash operational costs up to 30-50% with EZ360 automation and AI that lets your detailer shoot a vehicle in under 10 minutes.
  • Increase revenues and inventory with INSTANT web publishing. No 24-48 hour delay.

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