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EZ360 engineered a complete automated high performance system that delivers
great photos, a customizable media layer for your VDP, and immediate web updates.

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Photo Studio, Turntable, and Software

Software only

Photo Studio and Turntable

EZ360 builds a custom full-size Photo Studio on-site with heavy duty turntable and the smallest footprint,  designed to put your vehicles in the best possible light. The Studio features:

  • Photographic PVC walls
  • High density LED lights
  • Light bouncing ceiling
  • Access curtain
  • Three cameras
  • Computerized control center

Dealer Operations

EZ360 automation controls cameras so photos are automatically taken as the turntable rotates and immediately uploaded to your web site.  Drive in vehicles, shoot exterior spin and interior 360 pics, and see photos live in as little as 7 minutes.  Dealers get real-time access to manage vehicle media listings and view production and management reports.


EZ360 provides the only software that enables your team to capture pictures, interior 360 and exterior spin, and post them automatically and instantly to your web site. There is no 24-48 hour delay.  Other features include:

  • Hotspots
  • Animation and Video
  • Merchandising
  • Storyboards
  • Content copy

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