Bring the Showroom to the Living Room

Everybody talks about the digital showroom.  But only EZ360 makes it real!  Our 4K photos with custom VDP displays vehicles full screen with 8x zoom to show  closeup details and blemishes.  Buyers can see cars and trucks as if they were only a foot or two away … just like in the real showroom.

We Don’t Solve Problems. We Eliminate Them!

Bad pictures that cost you $10-25 per vehicle and take 1-2 days to publish are history!  EZ360 can save auto dealers 35-50% in operational costs and time.   Our automated process takes just 7-10 minutes from start to publication with instant uploading, all in 4K format.

Automated Background Replacement (BGR)

Kill the clutter!  Get rid of trees, telephone poles, buildings, asphalt, and other cars.   Replace ugly photo surroundings with your own branded background or even a studio instantly.

Every Dealer is Different!

EZ360 customizes our photo studios to fit your space.  We specialize in turnkey studios, including lights, walls, turntable, control center, cameras, floor, and software with shipping, installation, and training.

Already have a studio and want to upgrade?  We can provide individual components, such as FlightLight, EZTurn Turntable,  and/or automation equipment and software.

EZTurn Fiberglass Turntable for perfect spin pictures!

The 18′ heavy-duty EZTurn handles even the largest trucks.   It’s built here in the USA with top-quality steel and materials.  Best of all, the Fiberglass top will never rust and it’s easy to clean … just like a Corvette or a boat!

It’s all about the Light!

EZ360 photo studios are designed from ceiling to floor to shape the light to keep it soft and even … bounce it off all surfaces … and eliminate shadows and hotspots.  It starts with the FlightLight that holds 350,000 lumens of LED stadium lights – more than double any other company – so you get excellent light inside cars and trucks for interior 360 panoramas and pictures.

The FlightLight includes a lightweight truss, LED lights, diffuser, curtains, and electric winches.  It’s a breeze to install and move lights, and to clean the diffuser when it gets dirty.

No Space?  …  No Problem!

Our high-quality steel buildings are built to last and can even include a detailing station.  We can take care of all phases of construction – from drawings and permit to drive-in and shoot!

NADA 2023 – Even a Puppy Can Do It!

EZ360 features industry-leading automation and AI from picture taking to instant publishing to 4K enhancement and background removal and replacement (BGR).  It’s so EZ to use that even a puppy can do it!

At NADA 2023 we featured our latest photographic walls, EZTurn Fiberglass Turntable, and EZSmart BGR with integrated and optimized Google Vehicle Listings.

NADA 2022

EZ360 was the only company to show an actual turntable at NADA 2022.  In fact we presented not just one but two, including our new fiberglass table that will never rust!  We also demoed our automated picture-taking, the industry’s only 4K pictures, and computer vision AI vehicle photo cropping and enhancement.