Sell Ford F-450s, Chevrolet Silverados, or GMC Sierra Denali 3500HDs, or other full-size trucks?

EZ360 Does Trucks

We love trucks, whether you have an exclusive truck center or they’re just a part of your product line.  EZ360’s custom photo studio can handle  your largest vehicles, whether you sell small trucks, big trucks, or commercial vans.

Our 18-foot heavy-duty turntable is large enough for any auto dealership vehicle, from passenger cars and SUVs to heavy-duty commercial trucks.  It easily rotates up to ten thousand pounds. Create and display beautiful interactive spins with doors, hood, and lift gate closed and open.

The high-angle multispin camera lets your buyers see down into the truck bed.  Follow the truck magazine to quickly take detail photos of the interior, exterior, and bed.  Last but not least, our 4K cameras deliver instant transparency to your buyers.  They can zoom in as if they were only a foot or two from the truck to check out fine details.  They can see whether that black smudge from afar is a dent, dirt, or an engine heater.