Time saved is money saved. This maxim has led to inventions that changed the world. Henry Ford developed the assembly line to save time, speed production and save money.  It enabled him to sell millions of cars that people could afford and began the automobile revolution in America.

Other inventions throughout history have saved money by saving time. The printing press transformed the profits of publishers by turning a tedious manual task into an automated one. These inventions throughout history have changed industries and societies.

EZ360 has the same vision.  The automotive industry is stuck in the 20th century with legacy technologies.  FTP was invented in 1971 – 50 years ago – but is still the backbone of much of auto dealer data communications.  We’re driven to use automation to improve dealer photography and operations.  We automate the process from turntable spins to picture taking to instant photo uploads. The result – you can shoot and publish a car on your web site in under ten minutes.  This includes multiple spins, interior panorama 360, and detail photos through our magazine.  Our automation makes shooting cars so easy to use that many of our photographers are detailers.

EZ360’s latest automation uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).  AI powers EZ360 features like Smart Crop and Smart Enhance so photographers can make photos look amazing in a few clicks instead of taking hours to manually improve photos.  Creating a virtual showroom and showcasing individual cars is no longer a time and labor-intensive exercise.