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Dealers love our automated photo studio and industry-leading software.  Sometimes, though, they just don’t know where to put it. EZ360 studios are custom-designed and built to fit space as little as 25’x27’. But what do you do when you don’t even have that room?

Don’t fret. We’ve got solutions tailored just for you.  EZ360 can build a steel building or install an Iight studio.

  1. Steel Building: EZ360 can design and build a steel building for you on your property, whether you need a dedicated 35’x30’ building just for your studio or seek a larger building to house one or more wash, detailing, and service bays.  We have in-house experience in civil engineering and take care of every step along the way, including design, engineering, permits, demolition, and foundations.

See an EZ360 steel building being built.  Click on the video below.  

One option is prefabricated structures with a steel frame and fabric skin. These temporary buildings will save on overall costs and come in a variety of sizes.  

EZ360’s comprehensive package provides:

  • Custom design tailored to your needs.
  • Hassle-free shipping and erection.
  • Stamped engineering drawings for permitting.
  • Building features and options like insulation, HVAC, man door, and garage doors that have a sensor.
  1. The Light Studio: The Light Studio is our full studio without the walls.  You can place it in a service entrance, showroom, or your own already-built studio area.  It consists of:
  • A lightweight truss with 300,000 lumens light, diffuser to soften and spread the light, and electronic winches.
  • The EZTurn motorized turntable for automated, flawless spins.
  • A control center hub with cameras and computers for photography  automation

The open design and turntable durability allow  you to drive cars over it, and even wash cars on it.

Limited space shouldn’t limit your photo quality.  EZ360 ensures it doesn’t.  Steel buildings and light studios allow even the most space-challenged dealers to take and display customer-catching vehicle  photos.  Explore our options and transform your dealership’s photo game today!