You think your car dealership’s website has 4K photos of your vehicles. But you’re only half right.  The photos were probably taken by a 50-megapixel or even higher resolution camera.  But that’s not what’s on your website. You’re Being Robbed!

When you or your photo service take a high-resolution car photo, it’s uploaded to your DRM.  They then send it to your website provider through a data feed. This data feed hugely compresses your photos, losing resolution and clarity.

Your photos are often reduced to as little as 640×480 pixels in size. That’s less than 6% of the resolution of a true 4K photo!

This means that your website visitors only see a tiny fraction of the detail you paid for. 

EZ360’s 4K Solution

EZ360 bypasses data feeds to display your photos in full 4K resolution. We store your high-resolution pictures in the cloud and directly display those pictures on your website.   Online visitors can expand your car and truck photos to full-screen or zoom in multiple times. Your website visitors can see your vehicles in stunning detail, just like they would if they were standing in your showroom.

EZ360’s 4K photos are up to 27 times larger than typically displayed photos. This allows your buyers to see true vehicle color and depth, and to inspect vehicles closely without seeing any blur or pixelation.

What EZ360 4K Solution Means for Your Car Dealership Photography

  • A better viewing experience for online car buyers: Online car shoppers can see vehicles like they do at the dealership, with stunning clarity and detail.
  • Increased trust and transparency: Providing transparency and truth is key to earning buyer’s trust and, consequently, their business. By displaying your vehicles in full 4K resolution, you show buyers you have nothing to hide.
  • More sales: When buyers can see your vehicles in stunning detail, they’re more likely to be interested in buying them.

If you want your car dealership to stand out from the competition, you need to switch to EZ360 today. EZ360 is the only car dealership website platform that displays your photos in full 4K resolution.