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You’ve invested a large amount of money and time into building or renovating your showroom. However, most car buyers begin their search online. So, how much are you investing in your virtual showroom?

The good news is with EZ360–you can capture high-quality 4K photos that transport potential buyers directly into your online showroom without breaking the bank. Our complete solution has an easy-to-use setup with a photo studio, cameras, computers, and software.

The system takes clear 4K photos that show every detail of the car. The software is fast and typically takes and stores up to 200 photos, a full car spin, and a 360-degree view of the inside in less than 10 minutes. EZ360’s instant online showroom automatically uploads photos to your website so potential buyers can see the latest cars right away. Our process eliminates the need for expensive photographer costs, saving you money.

Let’s break it down financially. If you typically sell 200 vehicles per month and currently spend $20 per vehicle on photography services, you’re already incurring monthly photo expenses of $4,000. With EZ360, you can lease a photo studio for a monthly fee ranging from $795 to $1,995, including software – significantly reducing your current costs.

Our pricing structure is transparent and scalable, with no volume or per-car fee caps. Whether you’re a single-location dealership or an auto group moving hundreds of vehicles monthly, the cost remains the same.

With EZ360, you can achieve exceptional photo quality while saving 35-50% on operational costs. So, what do you say? Are you ready to elevate your online showroom and drive sales? Contact us today.