Welcome to EZ360, where auto photography automation meets efficiency without compromising quality. Here’s how we make it happen:

1. 18′ Heavy-Duty Turntable

The EZTurn 18-foot turntable provides smooth vehicle rotation for consistent, reliable photos.  With one click the operator can start the table and take all spin photos from fixed cameras for error-free pictures. 

2. 300,000 Lumen Stadium LED Lighting

Over 300,000 lumens of stadium-quality LED lighting with a silk diffuser chases away shadows, prevents hotspots, shows true colors and fine details, and illuminates the interior of the vehicle.  The result is perfectly lit and balanced lighting for every photo. 

3. Automation center with 4K Cameras

The EZ360 photo studio features four cameras, two fixed to the wall for spins, one for interior panorama 360, and one for detail pictures.  The cameras prove comprehensive inside and outside coverage and ensure no important features are missed.  The control center includes a workbench with dual 27-inch monitors, computers, keyboards, and mouse. 

4. EZPi Network Computer 

The EZPi computer manages photo studio networking. It securely connects to the Internet and  creates an internal wifi network so cameras can download vehicle inventory and upload photos and media.  EZi enables the fixed camera screens to be displayed and controlled at the automation center for shooting 360 spins.  

5. Cost and Time Efficiency

EZ360 photo studio automation and AI save 35-50% in operational costs and time. The entire process, from capture to publication, takes just 7-10 minutes with instant uploading in 4K format.

Why EZ360?

EZ360 improves auto photography for dealers by providing consistent, high-quality, and efficient results. It automates the process, ensuring optimal shots while saving time and money. 

To see EZ360 in action and learn more about it, visit EZ360’s video page.