Creating a digital showroom can be challenging for auto dealers. Online shoppers want to see lots of photos, videos, and details of the cars they’re interested in, but providing a great visual experience for every vehicle takes time and money.

Dealers also need to follow manufacturer and website guidelines for consistency and quality. This can vary depending on who takes the photos, where, and how they’re edited. EZ360 steps in to improve online merchandising with minimal investments. Here’s how:

Image Enhancement
Getting high-quality images is tough. Professional photographers usually provide the best photos, but when car turnover is high, staff-taken photos are more practical. If those photos aren’t up to standard, AI can enhance them. EZ360’s Photo Studio can replace or create new backgrounds, fix flaws like sunspots or glares, and improve colors and clarity using AI technology.

Object Identification and Sequencing
Photos aren’t always taken in the best sequence for presentation. AI can quickly sort through digital photos, selecting and placing them in the right order for an inventory video or interactive presentation. EZ360 excels at recognizing objects in images, including vehicles and their parts, making this process much faster than manual sorting.

Compliance and Quality Control
Manufacturers and third-party marketplaces have strict guidelines for the images on their websites. They want all vehicles to appear the same size, face the same direction, have clean backgrounds, and be free of defects. Manually editing hundreds of photos to meet these guidelines is tough. EZ360 can automatically crop and edit images to meet custom guidelines and flag potential compliance issues for review.

Automated Videos
Video is a powerful tool for vehicle marketing. It showcases a car’s features and creates an emotional connection with buyers. However, making videos for every car can be overwhelming. EZ360 can turn inventory photos into various videos for merchandising and marketing. These include short-form videos for social media, incentive videos, and personalized video offers for trade-ins.

How EZ360 Can Help

EZ360 introduced AI for dealer photos over 3 years ago with Auto Crop. With just one minute of your time, you can walk around the vehicle and shoot a video. Our AI handles the rest: it uploads your media, crops, enhances videos and pictures, creates smooth spins and exterior photos, identifies points of interest, publishes everything on your website, and sends high-resolution 4K photos to your advertising partners.

EZ360 Photo Studio simplifies image and video creation for dealerships. Using AI tools, EZ360 enhances photos, organizes images, ensures compliance, and automates video production, reducing manual editing efforts.