The EZ360 Photo studio is equipped with the tools that vehicle dealers need to step into the 21st century. Dealers need to produce high-quality photos from their everchanging inventory quickly to stay competitive. The EZ360 photo studio is equipped with 4K cameras, 300,000 lumens of LED lighting, a heavy-duty turntable, and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) photo software suite that includes Smart Enhance.  EZ360 enables auto dealers to shoot and publish over 100 photos of a vehicle in less than 10 minutes .

Smart Enhance can be used on photos taken in or out of the EZ360 photo studio. Use it for:

  • Interior photos.  If you’re not shooting in the full EZ360 photo studio, it can be difficult to get enough light inside a vehicle to see true color and details.  Interior photos are often dark if you don’t have enough light to start with or don’t have sufficient light-reflecting and diffusing surfaces on your walls and floor to get that light inside windows and doors.  Smart Enhance lightens and sharpens dark interior vehicle pics.
  • Outside photos.  Taking pictures outside means unreliable light.  Improve photos by increasing brightness if it’s too dark or cloudy or reduce brightness if it’s too sunny out.
  • Even out brightness and color.  Some photos may be too bright or dark compared to the rest, depending on the shot, location of the sun, or number of lights in your studio. Smart Enhance evens out the brightness in these cases.
  • Fix photos. Occasionally colorful vehicles may fool the camera and result in false colors. For example, blue vehicles may give a yellow tint to photo walls.  Use Smart Enhance to adjust photo saturation and other settings to remove such coloration.

Smart Enhance Takes Your Current Photos and Makes Them Even Better 

Shooting photos is only the beginning with the EZ360 photo studio.  The iContent back-end picture editor features Smart Crop and Smart Enhance powered by AI and computer vision.  Typically photo enhancement is a manual process.  Each photo has to be individually enhanced by Photoshop by a skilled photographer.  It can take hours to correct a couple dozen pictures.

With EZ360 the process is EZ.  The Photoshop-like features are directly integrated into iContent.  They can quickly be mastered by detailers. The most powerful Smart Enhance feature is Auto Enhance.  Our image servers automatically study your photos and apply the ideal combination of light and color enhancements to balance the picture.  Just click on the vehicle, click auto-enhance and all your photos are improved.

Or you can apply individual enhancements.  Several enhancement functions are provided in addition to brightness and contrast to fine-tune photos. You can adjust settings for saturation, sharpen, highlight, vibrance, hue, and shadow.

Contact an EZ360 photo studio consultant to bring Smart Enhance to your vehicle photos.