The EZ360 4K Photo Studio is fully automated from taking pictures to INSTANTLY displaying them on your website.  It’s the only studio that provides wall-to-wall 4K resolution with 8x zoom both in the studio and outside.  Your viewers can see features and blemishes as if they were standing next to the vehicle.

Our studios are custom-built to fit your space.  We provide part or all of a complete studio designed for ideal light, including control center, cameras, and software with AI for automated cropping and enhancement.

EZ Turner is our new turntable line with fiberglass tops that never rust, dull, or bend out of shape.

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EZ360’s NADA booth featured not just one but two Turntables for a choice of sizes and tops, Cyclorama photo studio walls for amazing pictures, and the Carvana-beating EZ Showroom with full-page 4K VDP to take and show closeups of features and blemishes.

If you didn’t see us at NADA, click to see our show video.

Dealers choose EZ360 over any other vendor because NO other company can provide 4K pictures (16x bigger than your current pictures).  The photos are published instantly and save dealers money from day one.

The total cost of ownership and production is less than $7 per vehicle (based on 300 per month), which includes the photo studio, turntable, lighting, cameras, syndication and instant publishing from Amazon servers.

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