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It’s not hard to create better vehicle pictures. A media team can shoot pictures with a 50 megapixels DSLR and make them amazing with Photoshop. That’s what auto manufacturers do with million dollar commercials and ad campaigns for a car.

You have to do that for dozens of cars. Every day. And not spend a fortune. What’s hard for auto dealers is making great photos in a production environment where you… spend LESS, not more, in money and time … eliminate the possibility of human errors … AND are consistent car after car, day after day.


That why we created the EZ360 Automated 4K Photo Studio. But it’s not for every dealer. So we developed EZSmart, an automated service that delivers 4K photos with background replacement (BGR) … no matter where or how you shoot … no studio required.

You don’t have to do or change a thing. We automatically take your existing photos, process them on our AI servers, and display them in our custom VDP on your website. All for just $5/VIN.

What is BGR?

BGR makes your car the center attraction.  It removes other vehicles, the parking lot, utility poles, trees, shrubs, grass, pavement, buildings, dark or dirty walls, etc. Then it replaces the background with a picture of your choosing, such as your showroom or even a photo studio. Learn more at Why car dealers should consider Background Replacement.

Why do BGR?

BGR improves your photos by removing unwanted clutter.  As a result your vehicles are quicker to sell, you can save time through automating photo enhancement, and you ensure consistent photos for every vehicle.  Read more about The Benefits of BGR Background Replacement

EZSmart is a comprehensive multi-step process.

EZSmart Automated Backgrounds is far more than Background Replacement.

  • Crop. Computer Vision expands your vehicle so buyers see the car, not trees, telephone poles, or walls.
  • Center. Every photo is centered so they all look the same.
  • Enhance. The picture is balanced for even lighting.
  • Supersize. Data feeds shrink pictures to as much as 97% of their original size. AI restores the images to 4K resolution – 16 times larger – for full-screen display and 8x closeup clarity.
  • Background replacement (BGR). The background is removed and replaced with one of your choosing, such as a neutral background, showroom, or even a photo studio.
  • Spin.  Exterior pictures are collected in a spin displayed on the EZ360 custom Vehicle Display Page (VDP).  The spin can be automatically or manually rotated and even expanded.

Contact EZ360 now to get EZSmart AI, BGR, and more for your own auto website.